Consultancy to Schools

Consultation can be provided to principals and school leaders, boards and school councils, curriculum leaders, teachers, learning assistants and Gifted Education co-ordinators on a casual or contractual basis.  This can occur via meetings, workshops, professional development presentations and/or coaching of staff to implement new strategies in the classroom.  

Topics may include:

  • an introduction to educating gifted students
  • the needs of gifted students
  • twice-exceptional students
  • identification of gifted students
  • curriculum differentiation for gifted students
  • determining a student's suitability for acceleration
  • managing diverse ability classrooms
  • Gifted Education policy development
  • writing ILP's (Individual Learning Plans)
  • curriculum planning that differentiates for gifted students
  • resources and tools for curriculum differentiation for gifted students


Consultancy to Parents

Consultation to parents can be provided about:

  • the educational needs of gifted children
  • advocating for your gifted child
  • understanding gifted children's abilities and strategies to meet their needs
  • nurturing talent
  • pre-testing students and writing programs for teachers, parents or tutors to use in preparation for acceleration

Advocacy to schools on your behalf can also be provided.

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