We can’t thank Melita enough for her assistance in setting up our Gifted Education plan and policy writing for our school. Her expertise in all areas was exceptional. Melita’s experience professionally and personally in this area gave us such great insight into thinking about all areas of planning and implementing, the good and the tough . We are excited at what our school is now embarking on in its support of its Gifted students and how we can effectively seek to seeing them thrive in our school environment.  - Head of Primary 

It was an absolute honour to meet you this morning. My [child]  was buzzing when he left. Spoke non-stop for 20 minutes - it was a pleasure to see. Some of his reflections on your sessions “Every single thing she said I learnt something new”. “For the first time in ages I felt challenged”. “I learnt more in that hour than I will all year at school."  “Wow she’s a really great teacher”.

[I] appreciate all the effort you went to for that session and all the wonderful resources you’ve shared with us. Having that insight into explaining the ‘why’ he needs to practice his writing was really valuable. So many little tips and tricks I don’t think of as a parent. I told my husband how excited I was to come across a teacher who understands gifted learners .

Thanks - he literally can’t wait to see you again.

- Parent of a gifted child 

We are at the beginning of our journey of Gifted Education.  As we work to create policies and procedures, Melita has been a wealth of knowledge and expertise.  She has been able to give us valuable advice and constructive feedback, that has been derived with compassion and understanding based on experience.  Melita is highly empathetic of the needs of Gifted students, and this heart has helped us grow and give insight to the best ways to cater to giftedness.

- Gifted Education Coordinator

Thank you for your advice. I was really hoping to find out if the idea went deep enough for an assessment task for the gifted students, so thanks for looking it over and confirming that it was not broad enough for this purpose.

Thank you for the example. That will be really handy for any future planning that needs to be done. Thanks so much for looking at it for me. I really appreciate and value your expertise. 

- Classroom Teacher